Community Leadership

Updated July 22nd, 2022

Regional Leaders

Why a diverse community?

Community is an essential part of every blockchain or crypto project. It is vital for a project to have a vibrant and diversified global community. While many can speak English, many others cannot or can only communicate a limited amount. Therefore, they need to join a community where they can speak freely in their native language. This demands establishing regional communities. As a result, these communities need leadership - therefore, we have Regional Leaders. Our project wants feedback from everyone!

Who are Regional Leaders?

Regional Leaders are responsible, hard-working, enthusiastic, and eager-to-learn individuals that work on the front lines of communication and community support in regards to the Algodex.

Roles of a Regional Leader

  • Be in the forefront to lead communications and convey messages from the project to the community.

  • Be a bridge to connect members with the project.

  • Be a translator for any documents or announcements.

  • Be an educator to educate the users, especially newcomers, about the project.

  • Be a marketer promoting the project to the whole world.

  • ... and so much more!

Tasks of a Regional Leader

  1. Manage and moderate a regional community.

  2. Grow the member-base of the community.

  3. Engage people to trust and praise the project (run events, games, quizzes, etc.).

  4. Translate and spread all announcements, articles, and posts to the community.

  5. Use designs, videos, photos, articles, or GIFs to educate people about Algodex and advertise the project on social media.

  6. Q&A and/or AMAs with the community on a regular basis.

Rewards Formula

FinalComp=(TotalMembers×0.1×%MonthlyChange+ActiveMembers×1.5+ActiveDays×(TierBaseComp30)×0.5+NoOfMessages×0.1)×QualificationFinalComp = (TotalMembers\times 0.1\times\%MonthlyChange+ActiveMembers\times1.5+ActiveDays\times(\frac{TierBaseComp}{30})\times 0.5 + NoOfMessages\times 0.1)\times Qualification

This is the mechanism that ranks regional leaders each month based on their relative performance.

How to become a Regional Leader of Algodex?

Fill out this application form to apply for the role of regional leader, and you can lead a community of your language. Algodex will review the applications and reserves the right to select the most suitable candidates.

If you are chosen to become a leader, a member from the Algodex team will contact and onboard you with the process and other related details.

Growing regional communities










Evangelists are the community's most active members other than the listed regional leaders. They actively help other members, market the project on social media, or have valuable suggestions for its development. Algodex will promote members to Evangelists manually according to their contributions and give them roles on the Discord server.

Compensation for these individuals will vary between $50 and $100 per month, depending on the contribution level.

As of July 1, 2022, Evangelists will be required to fill out an application form each month in which they will provide proof of the support to qualify for the rewards.

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