Token Listing Guide

Updated: November 16th, 2022

Token listing is an easy and free method for projects to list any token on Algodex — plus, it's completely free and permissionless!

Creating a Token

The first step is to create an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) if your project has not done so already. The Algorand Foundation has guides for the creation of each type of Token:

Allocating Tokens to Algodex

The next step is to allocate tokens to Algodex by placing limit sell orders of your project's token at varying price points. To do this, first connect the wallet with the tokens to Algodex. Next, use the search bar to search for your projects token ID.

Finally, use panel on the right side of the screen to set a price in ALGO, and set how many tokens you would like to list at that price point.

Once successfully completing those steps, you will see the order placed in the order book.

Your projects token will now be listed on Algodex and will be tradable in countries that do not have restrictions. The next step is to share the Algodex trading link (URL) to social media and to your projects website or documentation so users know that trading is active!

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