Algodex Documentation

Decentralized Exchange Built on Algorand

Welcome to the official documentation of Algodex!

Algodex is a decentralized order book exchange built on the Algorand blockchain. Our platform offers users a way to trade multiple different Algorand Standard Assets using limit or market orders. The funds on the platform are held escrows via smart contracts on the blockchain, and the order book itself is also on-chain. Algodex is currently compatible with MyAlgo Wallet and Pera Wallet.
Algodex Mailbox is a decentralized web application that allows users to send Algorand Standard Assets even if recipients have not opted into the asset. View our guide on Algodex Mailbox here.

Why Algodex?

Community Focused
52% of our token, ALGX, is allocated to community-related distributions such as rewards, airdrops, and more! Community is extremely important in the crypto world, and since day one, we have wanted to build a strong community, not just a product. Learn more about how our token (ALGX) is distributed.
Open Source
Our source code is 100% open source and our repositories be found here:
Innovative Rewards Program
Our liquidity rewards program greatly rewards and incentivizes users to provide high quality liquidity on Algodex. Learn more about Liquidity Provider Rewards.
Risk Management
Our team works hard to ensure that users are safe to use our platform. In December of 2021, we underwent a Security Audit Report for Algodex contracts. Learn more about this here.
User Friendly
Since the beginning, we envisioned our platform being as user-friendly as possible, so that anyone can trade Algorand Standard Assets. We are constantly working to improve our UIX. We also understand that market making is a difficult task, and many users want to reap the rewards of providing high level liquidity, so we built a market maker bot. By using our Market Maker bot, users can easily provide high quality liquidity to the Algodex! Learn more about the Market Maker Bot here.
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