Mailbox FAQ

Updated March 30, 2022

What is Algodex Mailbox?

Algodex Mailbox is a decentralized web application that allows users to batch send any Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) to other users even if the recipient has not opted into the ASA. Users who have been sent ASAs through Algodex Mailbox can redeem the ASAs via the website.

How do I use the Algodex Mailbox?

Learn to use Algodex Mailbox using our guide.

How does Algodex Mailbox Work?

Algodex Mailbox uses Algorand smart contracts to create an escrow that holds sent Algorand Standard Assets before they are redeemed. The smart contract escrow exists entirely on the Algorand blockchain so nobody, including Algodex Mailbox, can access the escrow except for the sender and recipient.

What Algorand Standard Assets can be sent using Algodex Mailbox?

All Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs) on both Testnet and Mainnet can be sent via Algodex Mailbox.

How many Algorand Standard Assets can I send to one or more recipients at a time?

Users can send one asset to one or as many recipients as you want at a time. Currently, Algodex Mailbox does not support sending multiple assets to one or more recipients at once.

Are there fees for using Algodex Mailbox?

A fee of 0.05 ALGO is applied to the sender of a transaction for each recipient that redeems the Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) received. If the recipient does not redeem the ASAs, the 0.05 ALGO fee will not be applied. In addition, the Algorand network fee applies to all Algorand transactions.

How many ALGOs do I have to spend when sending a token to a recipient who has not added the asset to the wallet?

You will need 0.25 ALGO per recipient who has not opted in the asset for the minimum escrow balance. 0.2 ALGO will be returned to you after the recipient redeems the asset, and 0.05 ALGO will be paid as a fee.

Who can use Algodex Mailbox?

Users from all countries and regions can use Algodex Mailbox.

What if the recipient of a transaction never redeems the Algorand Standard Assets?

The sender of Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) can reclaim any unredeemed ASAs using Algodex Mailbox's Return Assets feature. Only the ASA sender can return assets to themselves. ASAs that have been redeemed by the recipient cannot be reclaimed by the sender.

How many recipients can I send to at one time?

As many as you like! Algodex Mailbox allows you to configure a CSV file to specify the recipient(s) of an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) and what quantity each recipient should receive. Learn how to send ASAs using a configurable CSV file using our guide.

Is Algodex Mailbox safe to use?

Using Algodex Mailbox is secure. Using Algorand smart contracts, all order placements and executions are handled entirely on the Algorand blockchain. Funds or Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) are never directly held or processed by Algodex. Once a recipient redeems any ASAs sent to them via Algodex Mailbox, it is not possible for the sender to reverse the transaction.
Please be aware that Algodex Mailbox has not yet been audited, however, extensive contract testing was done to ensure safety.

What Algorand wallets are supported?

Currently, only MyAlgo Wallet is supported. Pera Wallet support is in the works and will be available soon.

Where can I follow Algodex and keep up with announcements?

You can follow Algodex on the following social media websites:

What's the difference between Testnet and Mainnet?

Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs) on Testnet are priced using Testnet ALGO, a currency that has no value. ASAs on Mainnet are priced in ALGO, which have real value. A user can use Testnet to try new features or learn about Algodex.

What if I have an issue or suggestion?

You can submit issues or suggestions to our support page.